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Welcome to the TrikaShala Kuṇḍalinī Meditation Center

Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana is an ancient Tantric spiritual practice that allows individuals to deeply experience their own direct, inner connection to the Divine. This practice focuses on awakening the powerful transformative force called kuṇḍalinī — the divine energy that is always present within every human being. When it flows through us, kuṇḍalinī can wash away our deepest tensions, expand the flow of creative energy, and eliminate our misunderstandings about our true nature, revealing our total unity with God.

TrikaShala derives its name from Trika Shaivism of Kashmir, one of the major schools of nondual Shaivism. The teachers of nondual practices who taught in Kashmir from the middle of the ninth century recognized Anuttara Trika as the highest form of Shaivism.

The teachings of TrikaShala originate from a śakti transmission lineage. The transmission of a living spiritual energy is a vitally important component in the awakening of kuṇḍalinī. Saktipata is defined as the descent of grace. This is God’s power, awakening in us, creating a longing to find a teacher who can provide us with that same energy on a continuous basis to direct and empower us to find our own liberation. In engaging with a śakti transmission guru, we are coming in contact with a direct transmission of that liberating force, which we can only feel because it already exists within us. There is a direct conveyance of spiritual energy from teacher to student that gives the student a concrete experience of the vital force that connects all things and binds us together as one. Śakti transmission is a catalyst for profound spiritual unfoldment, culminating in Self-realization. Swami Khecaranatha, the spiritual leader of TrikaShala, has been a śakti transmission guru for more than forty years.

In Sanskrit, Trika refers to the triad of consciousness, energy, and the individual that manifest as our living beings; shala simply means school. Our center is a school where we learn through inner practice, service, and direct experience that we are each unique expressions of an undifferentiated unity. Over time, our entire consciousness and experience of life can be transformed.